Dear visitor, you either know me, follow me on Twitter, or I’ve undoubtedly sent you an email that linked to this blog. Either way, great you’re here. I use this blog both as an informal scrapbook to order my own thoughts. An online library. External memory. Living log.

Next to my Living Antenna-esque projects I run a creative agency with Daniël Disselkoen, Headmade. We love thinking and making and we’re fascinated by human interaction, design and technology. With and without our clients we create work that makes people move and keeps us going.

Thus, if the above is what you like, too – I’d love to hear from you through talk [ at ] livingantenna.com. Shout! Because, as Steven B. Johnson put it in his book Where Good Ideas Come From: “A good idea is a network”, so we need to connect to move further.

Off you go!

PS Indeed, I eat. But foremost, I cook. Taking the home-cooking experience outside my humble kitchen has led to an extensive list of tips and to-dos in Amsterdam. But also in other places. I keep track of most of my munchy adventures on Foursquare. Check out my lists here. Only sometimes, there’s some sort of visual witness involved.

17 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey, since you too are a TUDelftenaar, you might be interested in IO-ID5614 – Food, Design & Culture, a course I run together with Annemiek van Boeijen. We have a blog that I have linked from the comments. I share your interest in food and design, but I will admit freely to being a sustainability “sceptic” – actually it is more complex than that: I am sceptic about sustainability being the central concern of a project. I am very happy with it being one of the concerns, but not the main one.

  2. Hello Barbara. Thanks again for your kind words. I am in discussions with a Seattle gallery at the moment but they’re in the middle of construction of a new space and I’m not sure they’ll be open by the time you visit Seattle. I’m always happy to discuss making prints for you from any of my work.

    Do drop me a line when you’re here as I’m a Seattle food writer as well as a photographer and of course I’ll want to make sure you know the restaurants you must try during your stay.

    Cheers, Christopher

  3. Wow! I have never heard of Industrial Ecology, and now my interest is piqued! Since I’m hoping to get a MA in Industrial Psychology, now I’m wondering if there’s any crossover between the two. I’ll definitely have to spend some time looking at the LeidenDelft website. Good luck with your projects.

  4. Hey thanks! I was looking for information about foraging in the Netherlands and I found what I needed right here.
    Also, I’m working on something that might interest you … http://www.graze-organic.com

    If you have anything that you would like to contribute to my project I would love to hear about it.

    Thanks again and success!

  5. Ciao Barbara,

    Discovered your blog some way or another… The paths of the world wide web… Since I’m also a food journalist and since I just love your blog, I’ll be presenting (in a small text) it in the culinary magazine (flemish) Njam (www.njam.tv). Okay with you?

    You can always check out my blog: http://nientediparticolare.blogspot.com. I put a link to your blog on mine. `

    Enjoy a delicious weekend

  6. Dear Ruth,

    Thanks! And of course, I’d love to be featured on njam.tv, and do send me the link when ready. Are you on Twitter? It’s easy to contact me through @bputmancramer. You’ve got quite a blog too – that’s definitely another one to keep following!


  7. Hi Barbara
    My interests correspond pretty well, though my business is with food and sustainability, the design bit is just a passionate interest. I like your blog, your ideas and wish you good luck with your thesis! Please keep it all rolling. Its nice to know there’s another bilingual blog out there (mine’s English and German).
    All the best

  8. Hi Barbara!

    First of all, you have a really cool, great blog! Two great blogs, I have to say! But now I read the most of your blogs on Elle of course. And I know I’m not the only one who loves it!
    Your blogs on Elle are in Dutch, and I think you do speak Dutch very well. But I’m not absolutely sure, because you’re own blog is in English. That’s why I will try to sent this message in English. I will try haha, my English is not that good unfortunately. Excuse me for that!

    Let me first introduce myself. My name is Wytske van Tilburg, I’m 19 years old and I’m studying journalism in Tilburg. I just started with it in September and I really absolutely love it. I really do. I didn’t expect I would like it this much haha.
    At this time, we are exploring what we want with our studies. Some people are absolutely sure they wanna do sports, or fashion, or the news on the radio. (And they are made for it as well, sometimes). I love food and everything that comes with it. So I’m exploring if I would like to/can do something with that. I’m working on a blog, I hope it’s finished in one month.

    There’s one subject that’s called (literally) “Free Space”. For example, you have to be on a company for two days. (We call this a mini-internship. Haha I don’t think that’s English but I don’t know how to explain in a different way). I’m going to be at the magazine Delicious. I think you know it. You also have to write to big articles about your passion. So for me, that’s going to be food, of course.

    So, here finally comes what I would like to ask you, I was wondering if I could “interview” you for one of these articles. I think I wanna write about young food bloggers. Because I kind of “look up to them”. Because I think that’s what I would like to do too. In this interview I will ask what they do, why they love it, how they make money, and how they work their way up. So I can learn from them.
    This doesn’t have to take long. Only if you like it. And I think it’s not annoying to talk about the things you like the most, with a good cup of coffee or tea. I hope you have a little hour left to tell me all about the things you do 🙂 It would really like it and it would help me a lot!

    I’m looking forward to your answer!
    Thanks in advance!

    With kind regards,


  9. Hi.

    I enjoy reading your blog and we definitely share all interests in regards to food (former cook in some creative, amazing restaurants) but I am writing about something different. I helped co-create a company which extracts water from ambient air and the technology that we developed has zero negative impact on the environment – really clean and green and economical.

    It is such an amazing technology and I am reaching out to people who can help spread the word (if they like what we have to offer). The water shortages are very real and I am confident that we can make an impact in areas that are in need of clean drinking water.

    We are a small, self funded company based in Amsterdam – I hope it is ok to invite you to browse through our website at http://www.vitalityvector.com

    We will introduce ourselves at a local water conference this November. Let me know if you want to check us out there.


  10. Hi Barbara, tried to open your link to Food addresses in amsterdam, but doesn’t work, any chance of sending it?

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