Travel wisely

It’s strange when things really fall into place. When decluttering my home in Amsterdam, just ahead of New Year’s Eve, I decided to throw away at least 5 years of conference badges. (Why do I keep them in the first place – I wonder.)

Five minutes later, my phone rang. My mother. She pointed me to a conference in San Francisco she was eager to attend: Wisdom 2.0. It took me a split-second of Googling to realize that conference embodies a movement I’ve always felt part of. Here, speakers are monks and tech entrepreneurs, programmers and neuroscientists.

My current teachings at the Design Academy about social design, building meaningful interactions with Daniël and chairing the board at Your Lab all point to – playful – mindfulness in action. Eventually.

So, hold your horses, since I’ll definitely put down the fruits of my stay in San Francisco on Living Antenna. A virtual monastery for the mind, I’ve just learned.


One thought on “Travel wisely

  1. Hey Barbara. I saw you in that final Q and A session with Soren. I was the guy with a yarmulka who asked about whether Wisdom 2.0 was a social movement. I wanted to talk to you after the session, but I lost you amongst the crowd. I remember you talking about the feasibility of a Wisdom event in Amsterdam. I am frequently traveling over to the Netherlands from my home in Israel. Currently I am working on an innovative take on the Anne Frank story, using her wisdom about nature as the framework for TED-talk like sessions I am hosting outdoors here in Israel. I wanted to say hi, and would love to catch up next time I am in Amsterdam. My email is, wishing you all the best!

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