Food That Moves

Sounds scary, right? Food that moves, moving food. But what if you take it a little differently? Food that moves you. That gets you into eating more consciously and a whole lot healthier. Although salad bars are a default street corner take-away in parts of the Americas (here’s a Guide To), the Dutch wouldn’t really get it. Salad remained something leafy and too light for our sandwich-loving bellies.

Luckily, salad has now moved up and is definitely more than the finishing touch to a ‘broodje gezond‘. Health-conscious and creative entrepreneurs help pave the way in Amsterdam, many of them are in some way related to the Youth Food Movement. But not all of them. Such as salad bar SLA.

SLA is the creative offspring of Nina Pierson (PUP Concepts) and Jop van de Graaf (DJ, and more). Both experimental eaters gifted with a knack for entrepreneurship. A couple on a mission, inviting you to see, taste and experience how good food can change your life.

Funny, I just copied a sentence from their website, and didn’t feel really guilty. That’s because I was responsible for SLA’s copy. From tagline to tone-of-voice, manifesto to menu and online website to offline packaging. Along the way I discovered how I enjoy conversations with entrepreneurs, or ‘brand-owners’ and support them in bringing their ideology and values to their, in this case, eaters. To get food to move the world.

Photo: SLA

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