The How To Of Small Gatherings

“A meal, according to my understanding anyhow, is a communal event, bringing together family members, neighbors, even strangers. At its most ordinary, it involves hospitality, giving, receiving and gratitude.”
Wendell Berry

The end-of-the-year holidays are so much about kinship, that is – relationships. Kinship means being connected, by blood or  marriage, but also by common characteristics, or affinity. Feeling akin to someone is a good reason to share a table, and a meal.

And why should we leave these valuable shared meals to holidays, weddings and birthdays? Each day, we have the chance to make something of our gatherings with family, or friends. It need not be extraordinary. “Simple, uncomplicated and less contrived” is sufficient. That’s what the makers of Kinfolk Magazine  – an inspirational guide for small gatherings – advocate in their Manifesto.  They share their “natural approach to entertaining,” and I love it.

Kinfolk is a both a print magazine, online  journal and photo and video gallery. It is run by a community of artists, writers, photographers, designers and cooks across the globe (especially the United States) who all share this love for spending time with kins, accompanied by good food.

I am a huge fan of their approach to quality time, especially heir tips for the winter season – running from  snowy cooking adventures to  brisk morning walks and warm fires. Have a look, and make sure to spread the density of end-of-year quality time over the whole of the New Year.

I will.

2 thoughts on “The How To Of Small Gatherings

  1. Hey! Through my sister I ended up watching your first TED experience, well done and you’re spot on about the fact we’ve to re-design our consumption behavior if we want to live a sustainable life. Browsed through your postings and found this one about Kinfolk, I live in Melbourne and coincidentally ended up in their cafe in the CBD, it is fascinating what they do and i loved it! Good luck with transforming the Amsterdam fuel mindset to feast.

  2. Hi Olivier, love to hear that the web helps you in rediscovering your environment. I lived in Melbourne in 2009, and that place greatly inspired me to do what I do today. Just as the guys of Kinfolk keep showing us how attention to food, and kinship is important. Enjoy your feast!

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