Fire Your Stove With Bathroom Waste

As loyal readers might know, I have spent some posts on kitchens before. Well, and the 11th Dutch Design Week only made matters worse. So much food-related design. Philips’ Design Probes designed a larder – or alternative fridge – with storage spaces from natural materials, such as terracotta, which are designed to keep different types of food at different temperatures.

Photo credits: Design Probes.

I very much like the idea of eating amidst your stored food. It reminds you of what exactly you’re eating, how it looked before turned into a meal and it works as a visual reminder to what’s otherwise left unseen in the fridge. The larder also leaves space for herbs and smaller plants, on top. No need to hide them in the fridge anymore. Cooking and eating in your own veggie jungle, I’m excited.

Photo credits: Design Probes.

But there is more. Of course. A kitchen-island, fueled by methane gas, converted from bathroom waste solids and vegetable trimmings. The digester does need a constant supply of waste material and water, but that shouldn’t be a problem. This is using waste from one process as food for another. Literally.

Thanks, Design Probes, for extending my imagination. This should inspire us to design and adapt short-cuts to reduce the huge environmental impact of household resource consumption. As for tonight, I’m off making a cup of tea in my huge electrical water cooker, and taking a shower with perfectly drinkable water. That means there’s still a lot to do.

2 thoughts on “Fire Your Stove With Bathroom Waste

  1. These bio waste digesters are already widely used in ‘developing countries’. To substitute indoor wood fired stoves. A hole in the ground, combined with a plastic bag. Awesome example of the creative power of limits. What percentage of household gas usage comes from our shit actually? Just curious 🙂

    And is the fosfor and other minerals in our piss used to grow the herbs on the fancy new table? Or is that a little to much remembering where it all comes from?

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