Ekologiskt Kafé

Last weekend I visited goods friend in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden). Often, Scandinavians ask me what it is that many Dutch people love their territory. For me, it’s their appreciation of quality. Every coffee-shop is run by experienced baristas, who spoil you with cloudy, heart-shaped soy milk on top of your espresso, most restaurants use organic ingredients by default, interiors look smart, yet don’t feel overly designed and they can run unlimited breakfast buffets without people plundering the lot. Because it’s value for money.

The most impressive breakfast buffet I ate was at Chez Madame, a Berlinesque café, located on a corner with walls as windows. Perfect to let the October sunshine warm the wooden chairs and tables. The bar is laid out with Swedish pastries, boxes with organic apples are stored in the corner, newspapers spread over the tables. For around 7 Euros you have a breakfast buffet with quinoa, homemade bread and muffins, yoghurt with muesli, lentil salad, and a number of spreads. At first glance the spreads look like sweet jams or marmalade, but then their carrot taste takes you by surprise! Delicious. And since the biggest take-away from this trip for me was: don’t move to a place cooler than yours – instead, make your own place cool, I’ll have to start thinking of how to get this breakfast to Amsterdam!

The window with spreads to choose with your bagel. Black beans, carrot, and what not.

2 thoughts on “Ekologiskt Kafé

  1. Lovely spread! I wish we would have gone to Malmo to have this for breakfast. You’re right, we’re trying to figure out how to make Raleigh cooler with our Scandinavian inspiration 🙂

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