What have you bean doing?

Well, not writing blogs, obviously. Writing a Master’s thesis changes my relationship with my beloved laptop – I tend to move away from it whenever I can. Until I have something exciting to share. This time, it’s about beans. No sprouts without beans:

Some Dutch foodies have joined forces to give beans a bit more prominence in the Dutch kitchen. And they are successful. The Brown Bean Gang (Bruine Bonen Bende) even set up a website to promote their beloved beans. Beans are a rich source of protein and fibers, can practically replace meat and fish – and they are sustainable in terms of their carbon footprint, as calculated by the Environmental Working Group (non-profit):

But, the most exciting the Gang got its followers to do is to engage in an estafette. A bean-eating-estafette! I participated, and ate beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days. That sounds pretty easy. But you always want to go by what’s in your fridge and cupboard. I ended up making chickpea pancakes (I added honey, to make them breakfast-proof), red lentil soup and mung bean salad (inspired by an Ottolenghi lentil salad recipe). Although you can dispute over what falls in the category of pulse crops – for me anything beany goes. As long as it replaces what otherwise would be a meat or fish dish. Honestly, it is surprising how much I’ve learned in two days. I thought I would limit myself – the contrary is true. I’m hooked. Wanna bean with me?

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