Share That Kitchen!

In the light of collaborative consumption, I stumbled upon something that I have wished to stumble upon for a long, long time. As a resident of Amsterdam, proud owner of a Very Small Kitchen without an oven, I can only dream of cooking in kitchens that would allow me to prepare meals for more people than  I can currently fit in my urban jungle, eh, balcony (four, and then you still eat seated on large cushions, at a very low table – what I call ‘gezellig‘, though).

On the website of Culinary Incubator they try to map all professional kitchens available, to allow start-up food businesses to cook their products in well-equipped and health department licensed commercial kitchens. This way you not only make optimal use of space and equipment, but you also allow foodie-entrepreneurs to benefit from a low threshold to produce and sell their goods.

I know of one Dutch example: the guys behind Brandt & Levie Worstmakers make their dry sausages at the facilities of the Lindenhoff, a large grocery and delicacies store as well as a professional kitchen facility to produce all kinds of artisan foods. Great to see how these collaborations lead to the rise of young people setting up food businesses.

So hereby I call upon all owners of large kitchens: share them!

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