Have A Mom-and-Pop Take Over

At Sitka & Spruce in Seattle, they invented a great way to keep your restaurant open for seven days a week, without putting too much of a strain on your workforce. Six days a week, Sitka & Spruce runs its own menu, but on Mondays they give the key to a Mexican family, who run a totally different menu – offering the food of the “Malafacha”. Actually, my first encounter with this type of Mexican kitchen was in New York, at La Superior. To me, Mexican is what Dutch supermarkets consider Mexican: pre-baked tortillas, artificial guacamole without avocado and red sauce with pieces of something. Well, these guys proved the opposite, look at this taco:

On these Mexiacan mondays, no reservations are taken. As a result, you walk in on the night itself, get a drink at the bar around the corner whilst waiting – and one look at the menu justifies it all. Thus, loosening the strings, and giving a mom-and-pop or other cooking collective the chance to use a professional kitchen one night a week leads to successful surprises, and enterprises – at least when your place is called Sitka & Spruce.

3 thoughts on “Have A Mom-and-Pop Take Over

  1. Great! Living entrepreneurship. We need tons more of these wonderful examples to get the somewhat lethargic and complacent Dutch into second gear.

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