Why Not A Breakfast Dessert?

The increasing popularity of food trucks has led the New York police to start banning them from Manhattan. Luckily, Williamsburg was not under threat when I stayed there a month ago. One day, we started with a till-date unequaled breakfast at Marlow and Sons – one name that covers three venues on Broadway: a breakfast and lunch cafe, diner and small deli. Isn’t that called cross-fertilization? Or flat-out efficiency? Anyway, their yogurt and granola with rhubarb was the best wake-up call. Next is to figure out how to prepare the rhubarb likewise. Help me out, if you can.

Walking down Bedford Avenue, we spotted an artisan ice-cream truck with the Dutch name Van Leeuwen. Among their flavors were ginger, earl grey, vanilla, gianduija and red currant. Irresistible. Ginger ice-cream turned out to be our pick, with success.

From now on it makes sense to break with the tradition of limiting a dessert to a dinner experience. It’s time for the rise of the breakfast dessert, them having earl grey and espresso justifies it even more. Indulge!

2 thoughts on “Why Not A Breakfast Dessert?

  1. ha ha, briljant idee, het toetje na het ontbijt. Vroeger deden veel mensen dat. Dan at je boterhammen met kaas en toe een toastje met jam. Eigenlijk is het traditionele Engelese ontbijt ook zo samengesteld: eieren en de hele reut en dat toast and marmalede.

    Ik zou gokken: gewoon koken met wat suiker en in lange schuine( stokbroodsnee)plakken snijden.

    Veel liefs,


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