Love Ravin’ About Food?

So far, I’ve heard about many type of new approaches to food-related hospitality emerging. Some restaurants change their looks and menu every other week, or month. Others are mobile and drive around constantly, which can be seen at this weekend’s Kitchens-on-Wheels-Festival in Amsterdam.

But the newest, and most exciting I’ve come across lately was introduced by this line:

They Gather Secretly at Night, and Then They (Shhh!) Eat.

It’s the title of this article in the New York Times, explaining the magnetizing effect of underground markets, and secretly set-up food fests, in particular in San Francisco. We might have our Amsterdam counterpart with the Youth Food Movement’s Eat-Ins, amazingly successful events where everyone brings their own foodies, and collectively shares and.. yes, eats. But that’s not really secretive and night-owly enough, yet.

Eating at night has something more to it. First of all, anything that takes place at night is exciting and mysterious. And eating-at-night is also peculiar, side-stepping our routine of three meals a day. And secondly, when it concerns food, at night your other senses might be put to the test, too. Often our eyes determine what we eat, going for an appetizing appearance or familiarity. Let’s move from looks, to taste, smell. And. Touch.

Let’s rave.

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