Fine Food Fairytales

Deviating from my traditional blogging-a-story-path, I just wanted to share a number of food-related finds with you. The first is an article I stumbled upon on My Modern Met, an inspirational blog for all of us aesthetics-loving urbanites. They featured an interview with photographer Christopher Boffoli, on his little-people-in-food series, a concept previously (not sure who was first) applied by Slinkachu in  The Little People Project. Although it might seem like an easy job – a lot of skill, and passion for food is required to create these tiny visual fairytales.

Accidentally, I found out that Christopher is a food writer as well, which might explain the effort put in these carefully curated series, that seem a small side-project when looking at his extensive portfolio – covering pretty much every corner of the globe. You can find his work here.

For now, I’m contemplating of ordering a print to remind me of the beauty one can find in detail. Time to find the fairytales on my own plate.

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