Your Salone Reporter

Salone Internazionale del Mobile. The Furniture Fair. Might not sound familiar, let alone interesting. But yearly, a mere 200,000 people find their way to Milan and hone on the newest, and most lauded interior, industrial and other designs for in and around the home. From a designer’s perspective, you know that means you can expect any-thing. Of course, I could have scrutinized Wallpaper‘s selection of must-sees, or dive into the bookstore for other designy publications that tell me where to go. But I didn’t.

Instead, I’ve asked some friends who spent a considerable amount of time in Milan what they’re favorite spots were, and that’ll be what guides me through the city from Wednesday the 13th until Saturday the 16th. Food-wise, I hope to start my journey either at the Osteria del Treno, or the Slow Food store Il Cucchiaio di Legno where lunch is served, too. Whatever is subsequently stumbled upon that fits between food, design and ecology, and worth a share, will end up here.

2 thoughts on “Your Salone Reporter

  1. Looking forward to see where your eyes fell upon, your tongue was delighted by or caused a proverbial tsunami in one of your other senses.

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