Got Some Food Left?

If you do, you’d probably like food to find its way to your plate the coming decades, too. I do. But in the Western world, there’s an increasing mental and physical disconnect emerging between our food consumption, and its (invisible) production. So far, the initiatives addressing this issue are mushrooming on a small scale (here in and around Amsterdam), ranging from sold out food film festivals, underground farmer’s markets and student-led food movements.

In short, stuff’s happening. And small victories are celebrated. But, we’re not anywhere near an equitable and healthy – for both people, and the environment (including animals, of course) – food provision system.

Philips’ design probes has tried to capture this communal need for reconnection in a series of three movies, “Food for Thought”, that visually combine many other issues, directly related to food and are here to view, as inspiration:

If you feel you have more food for thought to share than this conceptual movie, post your inspiration and ideas on OpenIDEO, the open-innovation platform managed by design firm IDEO, since they are currently asking the online community (that’s you and me, yes) to help them answer this question with a solution, designed by its community:

“How might we better connect food production and consumption?”

So, if you want to save your plate, this is your chance. I just did my share.

One thought on “Got Some Food Left?

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