Who’s At Your Ideal Dinner Table?

Sometimes I envision myself how it must feel to find a pearl in an oyster. To be honest, I’m not even fond of oysters, nor have I ever fished for oysters, but this romantic sense of opening an oyster (actually, a very ugly shell) housing a tiny, shiny perle feels must be ecstatic. For me, this pearl is often a new magazine, just like finding out about ABOVE Magazine last year.

This year, I stumbled upon Condiment – Adventures in Food and Form, a Melbourne-based “publication and project-base exploring the relationship between food and creativity and food and community”. As mentioned on LSN Global, initiator Chris Barton “likens the production process to hosting a dinner party”, where the guests of his launch issue included design virtuoso Martino Gamper, describing the art of clam gathering in New Zealand, Los Angeles-based sculptor Ricky Swallow, sharing his pottery collection, and writer EC Large, going over the philosophy of watching an onion. Food for thought, so it seems.

Condiment’s visuals are mouth-watering, even if the food does not look edible anymore. From now on, I will try to turn every meal into an aesthetically pleasing experience, which so far has only complicated the matter, since I haven’t figured out how to make my goat’s cheese sandwich with honey-vinegar and alfalfa look other than a little out-of-control.

I guess the only remedy is to order Condiment online, since it is not available in The Netherlands yet, and features some promising recipes, too. But, stepping into curator Chris Barton’s (and co-creator Jessica Brent’s) shoes, who would be at your ideal dinner table?

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