Handmade in Holland

Etsy, the world’s leading community in linking creative makers and quality-savvy consumers, introduced its famous Etsy Labs in Amsterdam – as I also announced on the Strawberry Earth blog earlier this month. The Waag Society hosted the night, with the help of Dutchhandmade. It was crowded with crafters!

The Waag Society opened their Fablab for the night, so all makers could use their hyper craft machines (such as a laser cutter) to experiment. The adjoining attic was organized in little craft-specific tables, one for spool-knitting, sewing, embroidery and jewelery making. Every man to his trade. Check this Flickr photostream for an impression of the night.

Etsy Berlin’s Anda Corrie inspired me to plait a bracelet with leather strings, and told me about her favorite website to buy customized fabric, to get your designs lasercut and she shared this amazing website where you can make your own newspaper. Anda wasn’t the only person to teach me something that night, I also had my first  tweet-up with Joëlle Payet, a newcomer to Amsterdam, running the inspiring project Around Your Word. Read her account of our meeting here.

Etsy Labs will travel across The Netherlands, just make sure you keep an eye on Dutchhandmade on Facebook. Don’t worry about the level of your skills, I saw the clumsiest beginners and most competent experts. Finally leaving the premises, the organizers ran after me to hand me a cotton Etsy bag. Well, they’ve successfully tricked me into making something Handmade in Holland.

Now it’s your turn. What would you make?

Note: a good friend of mine pointed me to this amazing app, where you can easily browse Etsy from your smartphone: Etsy Lovers.

3 thoughts on “Handmade in Holland

  1. Awesome idea! I wish I could have been there with you. Or else, you could be here with me enjoying Melbourne’s Sunday Arts Market..

    What would I make? Last thing I made is a postcard for my 7 year old nephew.. xx

  2. An Etsy for Pensionado’s and -da’s, including the music! There’s a growing market out there.
    I’ll join in roughly a decennium from now!

  3. Haha, Etsy is for all ages already, I guess. Back to craftsmanship. And Lilli, you actually taught me some knitting-skills & share my love for the handmade – thanks for that! All fueled what’s now Living Antenna.

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