A Slice of TED 2011

The 2011 TED-conference, coined TEDActive, is promoted as an open-source conference, where the talks shared on stage find their way to the mind and body of its public through workshops and action-oriented round-tables or via the TEDYou-stage, where attendees can perform their talk. This year, several topics form the key of the conference: education, mobility, sustainability, public art, social networks and travel.

Goals relating to these themes are broken into “a set of micro-actions that anyone can do to move a project forward”. Whilst the lucky ones enjoy the talks in in Palm Springs, TEDxAmsterdam arranged the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam to host an event on Wednesday the 2nd of March where you could watch all talks live (if you manage to stay on the ball until 01:00 AM), and the Californian breaks were filled with local speakers, and artists, such as Celine Cairo, Miss Andy and Janice Wong.

I was in particularly curious about Salman Khan‘s talk – he founded the Khan Academy, an online educational platform that so far delivered more than 40 billion online lessons in a wide range of subjects. His talk was worth staying up late. Whilst working as an analyst at a hedge-fund, he found to be a great YouTube teacher for his cousins (who actually preferred his “online” version to the real Sal). His number of videos took a flight, and now the Khan Academy is about to revolutionize conventional teaching and learning methods.

My second favorite of this year’s TED is JR, the artist who was awarded the TED Prize. He revealed his project Inside Out, an extrapolation of  his project Women Are Heroes. You can upload a picture of yourself, and receive it poster-size in your mailbox. Seriously. Subsequently decorate a wall so it is for the world to see. I’m curious who of my friends will show up staring at me from the walls of Amsterdam’s architecture. Would you participate? Have your picture be blown-up to mega-scale and surprise oblivious passers-by? It would be interesting to see which countries will be bulk-ordering posters. What country or city do you think will massively support this initiative?

Note: For a 360-degrees wrap up of the TED ‘The Rediscovery of Wonder’ conference, check Brainpickings‘ report on TED’s Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. Great, concise summary with useful links.

One thought on “A Slice of TED 2011

  1. I think Berlin has a lot of potential to pick this scene up, at least I will do my best to spread the word here in Amsterdam..
    What am I saying? I’m up for it! In a bit my town will be full with great shots of my friends, pets, recent holidays, fave dishes and family!

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