The Real Cut And Paste

This week the Dutch news was loaded with household-related news items, since the annual Huidhoudbeurs took place. This is a fair aimed at mostly women, who love to try, taste and test the newest produce in the realm of living, food and beauty.

I introduce this fair, because I’m trying to find out where in The Netherlands increasing attention for craftiness could originate. Because I feel as if craftiness is another something that has yet to be adopted by the (younger) Dutch mainstream, and it didn’t seem to play a huge part at the Huishoudbeurs.

I only know of a few initiatives in Amsterdam (Katie’s Cozy Craft Corner, Crochet Courses in Café Brecht and groups like Penelope Craft) where you can acquaint yourself with crafty skills. But still, it’s either underground, or outdated and unfashionable. Of course, I’m an outsider, so this list is not complete. Still, it feels as if the Germans have a stronger tradition of Do-It-Yourself. I stumbled upon this magazine named CUT, and really like it. In particular its subtitle: Leute Machen Kleider. Pretty straightforward, not?

To be honest, I have only cut and pasted with Command C and V, instead of needle and thread. That’s why I would welcome this in my bookstore too. Although the name CUT would be a bit inappropriate in The Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “The Real Cut And Paste

  1. A neat zappable (only two thumbs) needlework machine. This will combine cut & paste and modern times. Zap your own t-shirt logo, valentine handkerchief, embroidered suncap, personalized sauna towel etc. There must be a niche market for this household appliance out there. Maybe an idea for those guys & gals in Eindhoven?

  2. Maybe I’ll encounter something like that at the first Etsy Labs – themed “Craft explores the machine” – in de Waag’s FabLab in Amsterdam, which I will definitely cover on Living Antenna. Keep you posted.

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