Find Your Foodiest Friends

Whenever I’m scrutinizing the Web for another feel-good-dish, culinary holiday memory or perfect combination for my leftovers, I always visit the same number of websites, such as Smitten Kitchen, Adrienne Eats, New York Times Recipes for Health and BBC Food. But, I never allow myself to bookmark the recipes before I’ve cooked them. And afterward, I often forget to do so. This week, a friend of mine from New York, told me about

“Foodily is (ta-da) a food site. More accurately, we are the world’s largest recipe network, bringing together recipes from across the web so you can compare any recipe and find the ones your friends like”.

In short, Foodily give you easy access to a number of food websites, facilitates a comprehensible overview, and above all, enables you to share and compare with friends.

Apart from bringing me another Web-based addiction, I’m also very fond of the Foodily-blog. Andrea Cutright explains on the blog how food is, above all, a social matter. She writes that being able to “make decisions about what we eat — with the advice and ideas of those in our social network” brings the social aspect of cooking and culinary pleasure to our online lives.

In addition, you can connect Foodily to your Facebook and plan endless dinners with friends, battle about who’s cooking what, share your menu and have your guests co-cook the meal and let them comment on your suggestions.

So it seems the famous sentence Jon Krakauer jotted down in his book Into the Wild, “Happiness [is] only real when shared”, also holds for food.

Foodily, I love you.

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