What’s Your Nightlite?

When reminiscing about TEDxAmsterdam, which took place on October 30th, 2010 I reviewed the 18-minute talk by Rogier van der Heide, a leading designer who runs Philips’ Lighting Design department in Amsterdam.

His talk closed off the event, and was my personal favorite, because it left me with an insight in how think differently about light. And sustainability. Rogier explains that no great light exists without darkness, and that by using darkness as the canvas for lighting, the most interesting environments are created. As an urbanite, I lost sense of what a dark sky looks like. And because I hardly experience it, I feel as if a continuously lit environment is ‘natural’.

The same holds for so many routines we’re engaged in. Our daily life is an expression of accumulated cultural traditions, habits taught by our social environment and personal preferences. Because I’m not aware of certain alternative routines, I don’t consider them. But, if I were to light my room from darkness, it might look and feel different. To me, even thinking about it made me realize how my true (lighting) demands may differ from what currently surrounds me. I’m gonna introduce some candlelight, and preserve a bit more darkness.

And..  When writing this post, I discovered I was listening to Nightlite by Bonobo. Great coincidence!

Watch Rogier’s full talk here, if this post raised your curiosity:

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