Alfa, Beta, Gamma..

Finite. That’s a characteristic scientists ascribe to the fossil fuels present in our Earth’s crust. Worrying. That’s the next (negative) connotation it usually evokes in environmentally-minded circles. Sometimes it seems as if all the worrying capacity of humankind is unevenly distributed, and only some people carry out a strong urge to change directions in terms of our energy consumption, whilst others can’t be bothered, because they don’t feel it. I still question whether I feel it. But engaging in an interdisciplinary education has certainly raised my awareness, while simultaneously complicating it, because I only touch ground with the fields of physics, environmental economics and chemistry to such an extent that it increases my worrying capacity, but not (yet) my capacity to change. Before starting this degree, I only knew of communications theory, public relations and writing literature reviews, so the step from Alfa- to Beta-and-Gamma science should feel as increasing my overall knowledge, skills and thus.. the ability to create a path for integral solutions, assuming an interdisciplinary approach is more effective. This didn’t happen yet. It feels more like Alfa, Beta, Gamma.. Damn.

2 thoughts on “Alfa, Beta, Gamma..

  1. It is useful to remind yourself that an interdisciplinary study is usually set up to develop the exchange of ideas into a collective and individuel learning experience. It is about creating a more common frame of reference where students with different backgrounds can start to take their first modest steps in trying to communicate with their fellow students and little by little begin to start to get the idea that maybe the other has understood something they have said and that what the other replies sounds like slightly understandable. So it’s in my humble opinion exactly the right step in the alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma……..Delta, where Delta is the Greek letter meaning Change. By the way: change can – by definition – only take place in relation to the ‘environment’, or some other entity; otherwise it’s meaningless. Damn, I sense you’re right on track!!

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