20 x 20 = infinitely inspirational

I find storytelling fascinating. And I truly miss it. Lectures without slides, pitches without mind-blowing Flash-designs and business talks without PowerPoint. Who can still speak eloquently by heart for more than an hour, who can still invent impeccable metaphors to create a living dream while I am listening and intertwine the universal story of a hero into contemporary contexts? I can’t. Therefore, I will attempt to master the art of Pecha Kucha, a Japanese invention (it means ‘chit-chat’) of short and concise presentations that consist of 20 slides of 20 seconds. Evolving around themes as design, architecture, photography, aesthetics, art, social entrepreneurship and sometimes even, science, the presentations attract a crowd from multiple social clusters and give a rapid insight into the grassroots and leading edge initiatives, ideas and happenings in, in this case, Amsterdam. Jeroen Bruggeman, the only scientist present in PK’s line up, touched upon a surprisingly interesting subject: networks, and how they relate to contagion in a positive (branding, reputation) and a negative manner (old ideas generate new old ideas). He concluded that, to be truly inspired, you need to open your mind towards a variety of sources. So, it might be more adventurous to be led by curiosity, than by social comfort. And one night of Pecha Kucha will be sufficient to keep your own latent storytelling-machine run for.. 20 x 20 seconds.

2 thoughts on “20 x 20 = infinitely inspirational

  1. About one year ago I was listening to Jeroen Bruggeman on a weekly basis. He made it clear; he was not very fond of the institution he worked for. Indeed, the negative ideas he shared in this particular network on the matter were very contagious.
    I would like to give my old professor a second chance. I want to be contaminated in a positive manner, so where do I find Mr. Bruggeman’s PK?
    (I looked for it on the website PechaKucha)

    • What a coincidence.. to be honest, I only know of his personal website, that is linked to his name in the blogpost, but I don’t know whether his presentation will be posted anywhere, and I wonder if the slides only speak for themselves enough to understand the story. I’ll tell you when I see you!

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