Knots & Dots

New ideas are created continuously in our oh-so-developed-minds. (Something that is heavily discussable, because ideas can also be considered new associations of existing thoughts. Yet, those thoughts are created, too. Stuck already. I’ll leave these explanations to Jill Bolte.) Back to blogging. And many smart people tell us that the best ideas are the simplest ideas. I partly agree. I think the best ideas are those that make intelligent connections that add value. Okay, that might not cover it, either. But I’m trying to introduce such a simple idea, and it’s not that I want to talk about knitting again, but it happens. His (I think it’s he) name is Haik Avanian and he set up a website, called Reknit where he makes his mum reknit old sweaters into new and unique items. This month is scarf-month, but February could well be iPod case-month, because you can vote for his mum’s future knitted offspring. To be honest, I haven’t ordered one myself yet, since they’re located in Boston (= far from Amsterdam). I think sharing the idea is what I can do, because I think that many women, who still enjoyed knitting as an integral part of their educational curriculum could do the same, and it provides them an instant jump into a younger layer of society, while adding value to hipster’s wardrobes. Only by connecting the right dots, or.. knots.

2 thoughts on “Knots & Dots

  1. might be a way to keep New Zeeland connected: laggard turns intio pioneer. If you can knit with chopsticks I see a new tradeflow on the horizon.

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