Hair Cut Without Mirror

I wonder why, I wonder why people are afraid that getting their hair cut can turn into an irreversible nightmare. (Since your hair is apparently.. an important asset.) That is why they examine themselves from every angle through numerous mirrors while the Master of Scissors runs through their dead ends, hard-to-handle curls or endless knots. To be honest, that would drive me crazy. I leave the fate of everything that is rooted in my scalp into the hands of one very skilled hairdresser (only twice a year, so I’m extremely happy those days, one of which is today). He has so many curls that I would even consider him not-in-control of his own locks. Yet, I trust him. Maybe more of us should trust other people. Even when it concerns their appearance. We all have a very fixed idea on when we look gorgeous and when we look absolutely horrible. But it’s wonderful to have someone else decide which of your facial features should be underlined by a certain haircut. And going to my hairdresser is relaxing, because I don’t see myself losing hair all the time; only at the end of the Master’s hard work do I get to see how different I look. And I would have never come up with it myself. Make someone else get you over the threshold, and trust, a little bit more. Move that mirror.

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