Beauty Is All There Is

My previous post on the Possible Rise of Craftiness implied I am about to produce six hand-crafted items this year, to be used as birthday presents for friends. (Be prepared.) I think a little disclaimer here is in place, because to create something beautiful, requires more than one person’s enthusiasm and curiosity.

Nicolas Rachline, however, did achieve to put beauty at the centre of his universe, and created a magazine that, in its graphic and photographical splendour stands ABOVE all other magazines. (The Netherlands counts a mere 3,900 magazines, for 16,000,000 people. One advertisement-stuffed publication per 4,000 inhabitants.) It has been a while since I’ve been touched by something so temporary and hype-sensitive as a magazine, but the way its editor-in-chief formulates its goal might elucidate it:

Our goal is to become the destination publication for information and hopefully inspiration, about how to save beauty and preserve the environment on both collective and individual levels.

Keeping away from moralistic, dogmatic or prejudiced writing, ABOVE shows you the purest of beauty and will subtly make want to you cherish, and save it, too. They even publish a free PDF of every issue on their website. No one wants to stare at that level of photography and imagery merely on their 13” screen. It’s the most effective teaser to make me spend money on the physical issue. It’s also a great source for companies that engage in sustainability, a welcome distraction from the regular ads (bags, watches and perfumes) that challenge your greediness in the mainstream press. Now it’s time for me to contest myself in turning my crafty trials into products that make you startle. That might take a while, and I don’t want you to get impatient. It might be better to just start reading ABOVE for a regular shot of responsible, visual and mindful indulgence.

7 thoughts on “Beauty Is All There Is

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