Attempt at Serious Production

Although it’s already more than passé on January 4th, but I do need to put some goals (concealed New Year’s Resolutions) together, to organically structure the contents of this blog. For the sake of its future. That is: 2010. Twelve months. Even I am curious (there is the magic word, again) what you can achieve within a year on the densely populated WWW. I tried to think of what draws my interest, but hasn’t been explored enough during the past years. (I was sincerely occupied by obtaining important degrees to secure my forthcoming career. Yeah right.) One of those areas of curiosity is: craftiness. Why are we totally deprived of any knowledge on the Art of Craftiness? Or even, Do It Yourself? Why don’t I fix my flat tyre myself, leave my moth-infested clothes die in the corner of my room, why do I always buy gifts for my friends?

Ahum. I should produce myself. And because I’m not a professional in any Traditional Art, I get away with lousy results. And this blog should (correction: will) show six of these attempts this year. Most of the inspiration will be drawn from the book Meet Me at Mike’s, from a Melbourne-based single-mom entrepreneur who runs a large physical and online craft-loving community. I haven’t decided on he first one yet. I guess it’ll got something to do with.. writing. Making notes. That way I can join forces with the blog. And decorate a notebook to jot down ideas. Whatever. It’ll look amateuristic, anyway. But you got to start somewhere. I can always remake what I make.

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