Eating Holidays

Whether it’s a recurring law for you I don’t know, but I hardly manage to read books during the year. My two numbers counting quota of books-to-read-per-year, however, is easily reached when I have enough holi-days. Celebrating the Freedom of Worries and the Presence of Either Sun or Snow are prerequisites for my total indulging into the written. This time it was the new Jonathan Safran Foer that shaked up my consciousness the way hardly any book has done before. Not only because it touches a subject that I take very seriously. (Eating.) But because Safran Foer manages to write a book, that, would it be written by an animal rights (or welfare) activist, would not be read at all by its opponents. And this book can be read by everybody that loves to.. eat great food.

He conquests your fantasy by scrutinizing the processes that precede what gets on your plate by the end of the day.  He works it in such a manner that it leaves every actor in the global dialogue on Eating Animals, in dignity. And I like that. The way I don’t put categories on my blog parallels the way he wrote his book. Read it, and decide for yourself whether you turn into a selective omnivore, a vegetarian or remain an enthusiastic carnivore. The guy remains a terrific writer. And I will attempt to set another quota: make [two number digit] people read this book, too. Our eating traditions during the holidays might change a little. But I won’t make you. I was only curious.

One thought on “Eating Holidays

  1. Additional quotes from a lecture he gave in Amsterdam, on January 14th, 2010:

    “Getting kids is the best way to become a parent, but the worst way to get anything else done.”

    “There are more vegetarians than Catholics on American colleges.”

    “I have a great understanding for hypocrites, I’m one myself. It takes time to do what’s right, and care all the time.”

    I’ll be pleased when the man will start writing novels again.

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